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Some say love is bound by borders - Some say love is bound by race - But we through God's direction - A brotherhood embrace - Thus a world of love united - Where Jehovah God is found - Where brother will meet brother - And love of God abound - Thus with pleasure I am sending - And with joy I will direct - My message now of welcome - With love and deep respect

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Monday, April 25, 2011

"A Place of Wonder"

There is a time in memory

Where things all stay the same

Where trees and flowers line the streets

And love and joy remain

Yet time will pass and leave behind

The wonders of that day

And we progress and move ahead

Yet memories will stay

The years will pass and we will change

And life will come and go

Yet always in our memories

That place of wonder grows

And with each day that passes

Perhaps we'll think upon

The days of yesterday now past

And for it thus to long

But there is a form or pattern

That through the years I've found

The woes and pain have disappeared

Where memories abound

Yet we will continue dreaming

Of days of yester year

Where many are the treasures

And seldom there were tears

Yet as the time progresses

And all our years will climb

The memories still present

Are never left behind

So we'll day to day continue

To live within each day

But always there'll be memories

To help along the way

* just thinking about things and suddenly decided I needed to write about a place where woes do not exist

Monday, July 12, 2010




Communication issues
Are often to be found
Amid the woes of marriage
Where sorrows can abound

Yet if you speak together
And do so more and more
You’ll soon find you have opened
Communications door!

Yes speak of woes together
And speak of pleasures too
You’ll find that through your effort
A stronger marriage grew

Yet to this must be added
Your children’s words and more
With them you must now open
That self same verbal door

Yes husbands, wives and children
Must speak and grow and learn
And work as one together
Respect and love to earn

So families speak together
Communicate with care
You’ll open up a floodgate
Of love and joy to share

*Symposium Saturday afternoon: “Communication Helps Families Stay Closer to Jehovah”
District convention “Remain Close to Jehovah” – July 9-11, 2010

"Friend of Jehovah"


“Friend of Jehovah”

A friend of Jehovah
A pleasurable thought
He’s drawn us together
Our hearts have been caught
We’ve thus gained a friendship
A wondrous reward
His love and protection
His spirit, his sword
For where friends are gathered
What love will appear
And friends of Jehovah
Have nothing to fear
We’ll go forth with pleasure
A friend at our side
For God’s love and guidance
Has strengthened our stride
Yes, each heart here present
Was gathered with care
And with their creator
A friendship they share!

Friday morning convention “Remain Close to Jehovah” – July 9th, 2010
“It is wonderful to carry the title “Jehovah’s Friend”

Saturday, May 22, 2010




Agitated we’ve become
And trouble filled our lives
Yet hope and comfort can be found
Tis from God’s word derived
Yet trust we must develop
And lean upon our friend
For he’s a God of comfort
On whom we can depend
No matter what we ask of him
With confidence and hope
He’ll listen to our daily woes
And help us all to cope
And one day in the future
Our pain will disappear
And agitated troubled times
Will not be there to fear
Nightmares of the world today
No more with us reside
We’ve found a comfort strong, secure
Where love and trust abide

* 5-16-10 written about public talk entitled: “Trust in the God of All Comfort” – Bro. Benson




In standing before my creator
Will my limbs or muscles be strong?
Can I stand with honor and courage
To show just to whom I belong?
And will my continual labor
Bring comfort and strength to my soul?
Do I need to go forth with great effort
Determined to reach such a goal?
Am I able to conquer my shadows
My worries, my stress, and my woe?
Have my muscles and limbs thus been strengthened
Allowing my honor to grow?

5-9-10 written about public talk entitled: “What Is Your Standing With God? Given by brother Doug Kos. – wonderful talk.




Distressful the moments
That often appear
For this world, it’s anguish
Can fill you with fear
Reach out for Jehovah
Partake of his care
For evils surround us
That cause such despair
A fortress is present
A refuge of hope
Where Jehovah’s presence
Will help you to cope
To your heart he’ll listen
Your anguish he’ll share
Of your stress and heartache
He’s always aware
A shoulder to lean on
In times of distress
Through his hope and guidance
Your efforts he’ll bless
Lean heavy upon him
He’ll help with your load
For his loving guidance
Your heart will enfold
Yes, though stress is present
In day to day woes
Remember the shoulders
From which comfort flows

*3/28/10 about public talk entitled: “Where Can You Get Help In Times of Distress” – Bro. Dave Hanson




Striving to serve your creator
He knows your work and routine
Through all your love and devotion
Your heart and soul he has seen

Work for the whole congregation
Long are the hours portrayed
Yet through such stress and such effort
You’ve from that work never strayed

You’ve had such toil and such labor
So that secure we’ll be found
For from your guidance, direction
Will thus God’s spirit abound

I then should heed your direction
On it I need to depend
For you are not just my elders
You are my brothers, my friends

* 3-7-10 about article in 1/15/10 watchtower, page 23 in box entitled: “Show Them Consideration” – final item was about hardworking elders. Thus I wrote this to give to them all.